Community Impact Partners


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Become a United Way of Weld County Community Impact Partner!

A Community Impact Partner is an organization–typically nonprofit, governmental, or faith-based–that expends efforts and offers programming in Education, Income, or Health, and aligns with the mission, vision, and intent of United Way of Weld County (UWWC) for bringing about social change by working together towards community-wide, measurable goals with other Weld County organizations.

Partner Benefits

  • promotion in UWWC annual community campaigns for the purpose of the organization receiving contributions from companies with local, national and international operations through UWWC and United Way Worldwide
  • participation in UWWC special campaigns (monetary and in-kind) and product from local businesses
  • United Way logo for use in publications and on websites
  • periodic mention of program in UWWC promotions
  • option to apply for support through various UWWC community investment instruments: Community Impact Fund, Youth Allocations Committee, Recreation Scholarships, UWWC AmeriCorps VISTA Project, etc.
  • listing of the organization on UWWC’s website, annual report, and other publications and in the iGuide online fundraising tool
  • event listings on UWWC website
  • priority as a Day of Action host site and for other means of volunteer recruitment
  • invitation to participate in trainings
  • relational connection to the Better Business Bureau of Northern Colorado and Wyoming
  • program listings in the 2-1-1 Information and Referral database
  • letter of program support for grants
  • support through legislative advocacy

Partner Requests

  • become trained in the use of and populate one direct service program on the Thriving Weld Dashboard ( and report at least annually on this program
  • provide a logic model for the program that is being populated to the dashboard
  • meet Better Business Bureau’s Standards for Charity Accountability
  • provide an agency logo
  • participate in the Weld Together agency network
  • participate in discussions and community planning for making gains in community-wide measures of Education, Income, and Health
  • encourage employee and board of director participation and support of UWWC annual fundraising campaigns
  • promote the partnership with UWWC as we all advocate for Collective Impact