Providers Advancing School Outcomes

Did you know compared to their peers, 80% of Latino children are behind when entering Kindergarten? Latino children are scoring lower on common measures of school readiness such as literacy, cognitive, and numeracy skills. This gap is not occurring at the start of their school education journey, but in their beginning years of early childhood.

Providers Advancing School Outcomes (PASO) Institute directly addresses this achievement gap by helping providers create higher quality care environments, exposing providers and parents to the need for quality early childhood care and education. In turn, this results in better preparing Latino children for school success.

PASO Institute is a 120-hour early childhood education program training home based, unlicensed child care providers in early childhood care and education principles and practices. The PASO training consists of 15, 8-hour classes taught by PASO trainers also known as Tías, or “Aunties.” In addition to the classes, each provider receives 3 home based visits occurring throughout the 15 weeks. This creates opportunity for the Tías to respond to questions, make sure all relevant topics were understood by the providers, and discuss how the information might be applied to the care and education the caregivers are providing to children. PASO participants also receive certification in First Aid, CPR, Universal Precautions, and Medication Administration.

In addition, PASO prepares providers to apply for the Child Development Associate certification (CDA), a nationally recognized credentialing program. Applying for this certification allows providers to demonstrate their knowledge of the CDA’s 6 competency standards and 13 functional areas; such as child development principles (cognitive, language/literacy, social-emotional, physical/motor), school readiness, child safety, nutrition, and learning environment.

PASO Institute assists participants in obtaining the required 120-hours of early childhood care and education training needed to apply for the Child Development Associate, or CDA, certification as well.

Goal 1: Increase Latino parental involvement and effectiveness with their children’s early learning at home and at school.
Goal 2: Facilitate the development and building the capacity of a community-based training for FFN providers with resource sharing, linkages, support, qualified personnel, and local planning.
Goal 3: Increase Latino parental involvement and effectiveness with their children’s early learning at home and at school.


If you’re interested in learning more about PASO Institute or would like to enroll, please contact Lorena Ruiz at 970-353-4300

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