PASO Program

Did you know that 85% of a child’s intellect, personality, and social skills are developed during the first three years of life? Do you want to learn more about child development and how you can help the children you care for learn and grow?

In 2011 in Weld County there were 13,933 children with parents in the workforce that needed child care, yet there were only 4,523 licensed child care slots and more than double that number in the care of family, friends, and neighbors. As seen in the 2011 CSAP scores, children of Hispanic origin in Weld County drastically underperform when compared with their Anglo peers. Only 46% of Hispanic children scored proficiently or higher on their reading CSAP, while 75% of Anglo children scored proficiently or above. Similarly, Anglo children significantly outperformed their Hispanic peers on both the math and writing CSAP exams. In 2010, the graduation rate of Hispanic youth in Weld County was just 60%.

Providers Advancing School Outcomes (PASO) is a 15-month program that teaches home-based child care providers about child development principles, school readiness, first aid, child safety, nutrition, learning environment, and more for delivering a high-quality early care and education experience.

PASO is available to Latina, Spanish-only speaking, unlicensed family, friend and, neighbor child care providers in Weld County who have little or no training in early childhood education. Classes are held on weekends with child care provided on-site. Additionally, a Tia, or mentor, conducts two home visits each month to help the providers implement at home what they learned in class.

To measure participant knowledge each PASO provider completes pre- and post-session surveys to measure how much they learn at each session. An evaluation of the provider’s home environment is completed quarterly to measure improvements made and areas in need of improvement. To measure the impact and success of events, surveys are given at a back-to-school picnic and a parent conference. In all cohorts to date results from the pre- and post-session surveys show that the participants recognize a significant increase in knowledge of all topics covered. Additionally, the home evaluations show significant increases in quality of care environment.

Goal 1: Increase the quality of early learning services for Latino children so that they will enter school ready to learn.
Goal 2:
Facilitate the development and building the capacity of a community-based training for FFN providers with resource sharing, linkages, support, qualified personnel, and local planning.
Goal 3:
Increase Latino parental involvement and effectiveness with their children’s early learning at home and at school.

If you’re interested in learning more about PASO or want to enroll in classes, please contact Erica Arellano at 970-353-4300.