Did you know that almost all of a child’s intellect, personality and social skills are developed during the first 3 years of life? Do you want to know more about your baby’s development and how you can help her or him learn and grow?

The Providers Advancing School Outcomes (PASO) program is one of the first in Colorado to work specifically with the unlicensed family, friend and neighbor (FFN) child care setting, in this case with Spanish-only speaking providers. Through the program, the providers complete 120 hours of early childhood care and education training, mostly during weekend classes.

The curriculum is based on the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification program. Topics include: child development principles (cognitive, language/literacy, social-emotional, physical/motor), school readiness, child safety, nutrition, learning environment and more.

In addition to the weekend trainings, each participant receives visits from a PASO staff member who serves as a mentor. At these visits, the mentor observes the provider’s interactions with the children, reinforces and models activities taught in recent classes and provides support. Events are held throughout each cohort as well to celebrate the providers’ achievements, bring together providers and the families they care for and celebrate children.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Bright By Three or want to schedule a visit contact Amelia Ritchhart at 970-353-4300.