Family Friendly Workplace Practices

Did you know?

  • One in six parents with children ages 3-17 have either quit their job or reduced their working hours to help save money on child care costs?
  • 83% of 23 to 38 year olds say they would leave their current job for one with more family friendly benefits.


Family Business Solutions

Do you want to learn more about how to develop a program that supports your employees’ work/family balance while your organization receives a tax credit, too?

Management teams understand that when employees are able to manage family responsibilities, they are more likely to be dependable and productive. Affordable, high quality child care is a service with which many employee families struggle. While costs are often high, the need for a good experience is essential. Children who spend their early years in consistent, nurturing, stimulating environments have a better chance at becoming fully participating members of the community later in life. Not to mention the mental relief it puts on a parents knowing their child is in a safe, nurturing care setting while they are at work.

Family Business Solutions (FBS) partners with companies to create workplace programs that provide child care assistance to working families. This helps children get a good start in their life and education, and leads to more reliable and more consistent employees with higher quality work and greater workplace productivity.

The program is available to all companies in Weld County. Participating businesses receive a 50 percent tax credit on their state income tax through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (CCCCC). United Way of Weld County acts as an intermediary between the child care provider, the company, and the family, providing fiscal management and programmatic guidance.

Benefits of Family Business Solutions

  • Employers see a higher rate of retention and productivity in their employees.
  • Businesses are able to offer high quality child care expenses for their employees and receive a tax incentive.
  • Children receive high quality child care laying the foundations for our future workforce.


Family Friendly Workplace

Do you want to learn more about making your organization more family friendly?

Finding a good balance between work and family is tough for everyone. Unfortunately, when a healthy balance is not established and employees do not feel supported: employee morale, engagement, health outcomes, and employee retention all decline.

When a family-friendly workplace is encouraged, there is a huge return on investment and value on investment. This encourages new employees to choose your organization and top talent at that. It supports individuals in all stages of life to thrive at work, at home, and in the community.

United Way of Weld County can help you assess and set goals for what works for your organization.

Goal 1: Businesses are able to offset high quality child care expenses for their employees.
Goal 2: Employers see a higher rate of retention and productivity in their employees.
Goal 3: Children receive high quality child care and families are encouraged in self-sufficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about Family Business Solutions or family-friendly workplace practices, please contact United Way of Weld County at (970) 353-4300.

After Meghan had her son, she struggled to find a job that paid enough to cover the cost of child care while she was at work. When Meghan was offered a job at a local financial services company, she learned that as an employee benefit, her new employer would pay a portion of her son’s cost of child care. Thanks to Family Business Solutions facilitated by United Way of Weld County, Meghan was able to take the job knowing it made sense financially, and that her company was invested in her family’s wellbeing.