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We bring the community together to solve health and human problems. We work to improve the lives of people in our community. United Way works with businesses, schools and government, non-profit organizations, citizen groups, faith based organizations, volunteers and contributors to make Weld County a better place for all.  We bring the community together to tackle some of our community’s most pressing health and human care issues and priority concerns.

  • We grant funds to Weld County non-profits that focus on our priorities
  • Manage direct service programs
  • Work to bring the community together to facilitate community problem solving and community-building
  • Build partnerships for collaborative and collective impact

United Way of Weld County directly impacts at least one out of every four people in Weld County. We help nurture children and give them a good start in life; help keep youth on track and support youth success; assist families through crisis; support the homebound, lonely and frail elderly; support health and wellness; help people overcome disabilities and build self-sufficiency in families; help people find and access services and connect people to volunteer opportunities. Services range from helping people at the beginning of life to helping them at the end of life.