Fighting to end homelessness in Weld County.
Maximizing resources. Involving neighbors. Uniting for change.


Northern Colorado’s population is rapidly increasing—census data predicts Weld County’s population will double by 2030. In a recent survey, Weld County was identified as the 4th most expensive housing market in the nation, and we already have a deficit of 3,866 units of affordable housing. A Point-in-Time study of those experiencing homelessness in Weld County found that 75% have been here for at least five years and 51% have been here their whole lives. This suggests that vulnerable households are beginning to experience homelessness in Weld County, and it highlights the catastrophe that could occur if these trends continue without systemic change in the way we address homelessness and housing instability.


Led and hosted by UWWC, Weld’s Way Home streamlines homelessness response and prevention systems. Instead of working directly with clients experiencing homelessness, Weld’s Way Home utilizes UWWC’s community capacity to support Weld County service providers by maximizing resources already dedicated to homelessness in Weld County, involving neighbors in supporting each other in times of need, and uniting Weld County for lasting change.

Leveraging existing partnerships, Weld’s Way Home evaluates the current homeless response and homeless prevention systems at the community-wide level. It identifies gaps in services, educates on best practices, facilitates community meetings and planning sessions, brings more resources to the community, aligns providers to maximize the resources already dedicated to homelessness, and more. Based on identified gaps in service, priorities have been established that were chosen based on community need, return on investment, and best practices.


Whether you have a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, you can fight to end homelessness and housing instability in Weld County.

Weld’s Way Home Fact Sheet
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