United Way of Weld County (UWWC) announced that its investment in community services for the 2019-20 fiscal year is $3,727,565. In addition, UWWC is leveraging other funds totaling $682,386 benefiting human care service programs for a total investment of $4,409,951.

UWWC provides direct services, funds and supports a robust partner agency network, and collaborates with nonprofit organizations, government entities, businesses, and the community to bring about countywide solutions. UWWC focuses on five priority areas: Early Childhood Development, Youth Success, Household Stability, Older Adults and Healthy Aging, and Access to Services. Each area’s plan includes shared measureable goals, messaging and strategy written plans. A recommendation has been created for the UWWC investments and for others interested in investing in our collaborative work.

Many of the annual community service awards are decided by the start of the fiscal year. These include commitments to: Colorado Reading Corps, 2-1-1 Colorado, recreation scholarships in 11 municipalities throughout Weld County, Promises for Children early childhood development programs, Weld’s Way Home programs and the UWWC AmeriCorps VISTA project placing up to 22 individuals in full-time positions with nonprofit agencies, schools and government programs. In addition, UWWC distributes donor designations directly to partner agencies and other 501(c) 3 nonprofits.

Recently the UWWC board of directors approved awards totaling $558,427 for several partner agencies from the UWWC collective impact fund. These programs are committed to a model of collaboration called collective impact. Decisions for the collective impact fund were postponed this year due to collaborative discussions being held among agencies and community volunteers. The UWWC board also released a total of $50,000 to Boy Scouts of America Longs Peak Council, Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County and Life Stories who qualified under the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit funds.

UWWC Board Chairman Randy Watkins stated: “Thanks to our donors, United Way of Weld County is able to make these investments in our community. What is most important are the lives impacted by these funding decisions. At least one out of every 10 people in Weld County are impacted by these investments. Whether it is a child who gets the help they need to learn to read, a family in crisis who is helped with food, shelter and the assistance they need to get back to stability or an older adult who is able to remain independent and healthy due to services, all this is thanks to the United Way donor.”

UWWC President and CEO Jeannine Truswell added: “When nonprofit agencies, schools, government programs, faith-based agencies and donors work together, we can achieve long-term goals and sustainable success that strengthens children, youth, older adults and families. United Way of Weld County leads collaboration in our community because no one agency can achieve this impact on its own. We know that when we work together, we can achieve more. We are proud to impact the community in this manner. This total investment is not possible without the generosity of donors who give from $10 to $10,000 or more.”

Programs that are funded report their work on the Thriving Weld Dashboard (www.thrivingweld.com) which provides a shared measurement system providing accountability and allows the community to see how successful agencies are in achieving their program goals. Agencies and funded programs commit to working together toward meeting goals, meeting standards of excellence in nonprofit management and to actively collaborate year round.

Requests from partner agencies from the collective impact fund totaled $1,359,207. UWWC was able to meet 41 percent of these requests.

“United Way of Weld County is committed to increasing fundraising efforts to close in this gap. Truswell said. “We are proud to make these grants thanks to our donors and our developing and implementing strategies to raise funds to meet total requests. The agencies funded are committed to working in a collective manner to achieve community wide goals for Weld County.”

To further discuss the investments to the community, contact UWWC President and CEO Jeannine Truswell at (970) 304-6161 or Jeannine@unitedway-weld.org, UWWC Vice President of Community Impact Lyle SmithGraybeal at (970) 304-6199 or lyle@unitedway-weld.org or UWWC Director of Community Impact Melanie Falvo Woolman at (970) 304-6167 or mfalvo@unitedway-weld.org. For a detailed list of all 2019-20 investments, click here.