The Rogers’ financial troubles began when Mary’s husband had a heart attack and had to stop working. Mary was working overtime to keep up with the bills, but over the last few months they hadn’t been able to make the full payment to their child care provider. With the school year ending soon, they needed full time child care for their youngest, or else Mary would have to quit her job to stay home. The child care provider agreed that if the Rogers could pay the past due balance, she would continue to work with them. Unsure of where to come up with the funds, Mary called 2-1-1. A 2-1-1 information and referral specialist submitted Mary’s application for help to Women2Women, and within 48 hours, Mary’s application was approved. The past due balance was paid to the child care provider, and Mary was able to keep her job and family on track.

Agencies involved in this 2-1-1 solution:
Women 2 Women
United Way of Weld County