Bright by Three

Blue blanket babyDid you know that almost all of a child’s intellect, personality and social skills are developed during the first 3 years of life? Do you want to know more about your baby’s development and how you can help her or him learn and grow?

85% of a baby’s intellect, personality, and social skills are developed in the first three years of life. According to the World Health Organization, early childhood is the most important phase for overall development throughout a person’s lifespan, and early experiences determine future health, education, and economic participation. Parents and families are the key to early childhood development, but often need support to provide the right environment.


Bright by Three provides home and small group visits that help parents, grandparents, and other care providers understand their children’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development during the critical first three years of life.

The program is available to all in Weld County with children ages 0-3. Visits are offered in English and Spanish, and are scheduled once per year for your child’s first three years of life. At each visit you’ll receive a bag filled with age-specific child development information and resources.

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Colorado Bright By Three—of which United Way of Weld County Bright By Three is an affiliate—conducts randomized follow-up phone call surveys to parents after they implement what they have learned and utilize community resources. Findings from a 2011 statewide evaluation indicated:
— 87.1% of parents changed a behavior with their child because of what they learned from the information and materials; two-thirds of this group (65.4%) report they now read more to their child.
— Parents who have had two or more visits were more likely to change a behavior because of what they learned (92.5% versus 84.3%).
— Most parents (89.3%) reported they know where in their community they can go for help.

Goal 1: Parents/caregivers change behavior towards their children creating a more stimulating development environment.
Goal 2: Parents/caregivers better understand stages of child development.
Goal 3: Parents/caregivers have an increased awareness of supportive community resources after their visit.


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Resource Book Grahic   Download a Community Resource Guide    -   en español


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If you’re interested in learning more about Bright By Three or want to schedule a visit contact 970-353-4300.