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United Way of Weld County uses several methods to assure our investment decision making is accountable and involves community volunteers and civic representation. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 970-353-4300 for more details. Download a list of all United Way of Weld County funded programs and initiatives.

These allocations processes include:


Community Impact Fund:  Grants are made to agencies and programs in the areas of Education, Income/Financial Stability, and Health. Three-year awards are given as the expectation for grantees is to develop, implement, and measure long-term strategies. Community Impact volunteers are trained to: visit agencies, understand and review outcome development and accomplishments, evaluate budget management and program delivery, make recommendations on funding, and provide year-round oversight. Recommendations for funding go to the United Way of Weld County Board of Directors, as well as any agency concerns that were identified by the volunteers. 

Youth Allocations Committee: A committee of high school students are recruited and trained to review proposals from nonprofit agencies for funding. The sources of these funds are the contributions from the previous year’s Youth Campaign. These students review written proposals, visit the agencies, and make recommendations for funding to the United Way of Weld County Board of Directors

• Emergency Food and Shelter Program: United Way of Weld County oversees the allocations process for the Weld County Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP), which is a fund directed specifically towards agencies that provide emergency livelihood resources such as served meals, transitional housing nights, and utility assistance. Over $100,000 per year is typically received from this federal resource. United Way of Weld County convenes and facilitates an EFSP Local Board that approves the specific allocations. Phase 31 awardees include:

A Woman's Place - Mass Shelter
Catholic Charities - Rent/Mortgage
Catholic Charities - Mass Shelter
Connections for Independent Living - Rent/Mortgage
Fort Lupton Food & Clothing Bank - Other Food
Fort Lupton Food & Clothing Bank - Repairs/Accessibility
Greeley Transitional House - Mass Shelter
Greeley Transitional House - Repairs/Accessibility
Lutheran Family Services - Other Food
New Horizons Christian Church - Other Food
RISE - Rent/Mortgage
Stepping Stones - Rent/Mortgage
Stepping Stones - Utilities
The Salvation Army - Served Meals
Weld Food Bank - Other Food



• Recreation Scholarships: Founded over 20 years ago, this yearly process distributes funds to local recreation centers and programs county-wide to scholarship young people that otherwise could not afford to participate in children and youth development, recreational, and sport activities. 2016 awardees include:


Eaton Youth Recreation Scholarships
Erie Youth Recreation Scholarships
Evans Youth Recreation Scholarships
Fort Lupton Youth Recreation Scholarships
Greeley Youth Recreation Scholarships
Highland Recreation Department
Kersey Youth Recreation Scholarships
Mead Youth Recreation Scholarships
Platteville Youth Recreation Scholarships
Thompson Rivers Park & Recreation District
Windsor Youth Recreation Scholarships

• Response Fund: The United Way of Weld County Response Fund supports programs, projects, and collaborative work that align with United Way of Weld County’s Community Impact goals in the areas of Education, Income/Financial Stability, and Health. This fund is intended to support programs and projects that are innovative and/or responsive to the changing needs of Weld County. It is not available to supplement decisions made in the Community Impact Fund award process, nor other annual processes, nor funding of programs directly provided and managed. It responds to new needs and opportunities that present themselves following determination of the use of the Community Impact Fund. Prior examples include the 2013-14 Cold Weather Shelter Program and providing immediate prescription medicine assistance to those affected by the 2013 Northern Colorado flooding.


• UWWC AmeriCorps VISTA Program:  Volunteers decide which agencies will best utilize a year-long staff person whose aim is to develop human service agency capacity.


• Special Grants: United Way of Weld County makes some special grants outside of typical allocations processes. These are unique in nature, collaborative, and often connected with specific fundraising campaigns. Prior examples include Child Care at Jefferson High School, the Empty Stocking Fund, and the Med-Aid Prescription Assistance Program. Special grant volunteers review requests and recommend specific awards to the United Way of Weld County Board of Directors for approval.