Our Work


That means...together we can create a ripple effect of positive change.

CI CloverThe impact of your gift is multiplied hundreds of times over to prepare our children and youth for future success, to help people achieve financial stability leading to long-term independence, to enhance the health and safety of all our citizens and to be sure we can help our neighbors in crisis.  United Way of Weld County uses your dollars - and your time and talents - purposely to implement strategies and achieve results right here at home, every day, all year long.

Where does my United Way money go?  Your contribution goes to help nearly 83,000 individuals access programs that can strengthen their lives and, in turn, strengthen Weld County.   When we succeed, your co-worker who is a single mom can find quality, early childhood care for her son. The teenager standing next to you at the convenience store can meet with her mentor once a week. And the elderly gentleman down the street can count on a healthy lunch. When we succeed, individuals thrive and our entire community prospers.

Education, Income and Health...the building blocks to a good life.