Currently no location for Cold Weather Shelter in November

No community wants its members to live in unsafe conditions, but being homeless in northern Colorado during the winter means facing frost bite, pneumonia and even death every night. In response to a growing population of individuals without nightly shelter during harsh winter months, Weld County agencies came together in 2011 to create a solution. Six years later, this trend of community partnership continues.


Weld’s Way Home is an initiative to address and prevent homelessness in Weld County. Led by United Way of Weld County (UWWC), this initiative brought together stakeholders to find a cold weather shelter solution. UWWC offered funding and began searching for other funders, joining Christ Community Church, the City of Greeley, First Christian Church, First Congregational Church of Greeley, Great Western Bank, Journey Christian Church, NCMC Inc., St. Patrick’s Presbyterian Church and UC Health in contributing. Catholic Charities agreed to offer their expertise by staffing the shelter and coordinating the volunteers, who provided 12,546 meals and 4,440 hours of service between November and April. The American Legion provided space to host the shelter at a reduced cost. This dynamic partnership provided shelter for 369 individuals and 6,273 nights of shelter in Greeley. There were additional funds that assisted 31 families experiencing homelessness outside of Greeley.


While the success of this shelter is celebrated, next year’s shelter should open in less than six months and, currently, there is not a location. If you know of any locations for this shelter, please contact Cassy Westmoreland, Weld’s Way Home Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To find out more about the efforts of Weld’s Way Home, visit


Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s winter shelter successful. Community challenges demand community solutions and this year’s shelter shows that partnership is essential in successfully addressing and preventing homelessness in Weld County.

Cassie Westmoreland  Cassy Westmoreland
  United Way of Weld County
  Weld’s Way Home Coordinator