Kenneth W Monfort Society

The Kenneth W. Monfort Society recognizes local philanthropic leaders and volunteer champions who have devoted time, talent and resources to create long-lasting changes by tackling our community’s most serious issues. These concerned individuals accept a leadership role in making major individual financial contributions to United Way of Weld County. National and international membership is also granted for United Way World Wide Tocqueville Society to individuals who contribute at least $10,000 annually to United Way.

2018-19 Society Members

Neil Allen
Jamie and Sarah Baessler
Dick and Reva Bond
Al and Dawn Byers
Carrico Family Foundation
Harold and Carol Evans
Bill and Sharon Farr Fund at Weld Community Foundation
Kyle Futo
Don and Lynn Janklow
Dr. Richard and Mary Kemme
Roger and Jamie Lynn Knoph
Donna Lakin
Joe and Amy Malara
Charlie K Monfort
Dick Monfort
Kaye Monfort
Myra Monfort
Jean and Pete Morrell
Andre Nogueira and Leandra Zanqueta
Tom and Kay Norton
Frank G and Betty Ottesen
Chris and Crystal Reed
Toni and Ed Saboe
Mike and Lori Shoop
Smith Family fund at Weld Community Foundation
Tate and John Todd
Bob and Betty Tointon
Michael and Jill Trotter
Ted and Sue Warner
Wenaas Family
Stow and Maggie Witwer


For more information contact Christi Smith, VP of Resource and Development 970-304-6185