Access to Services

Did you know?

  • There are currently 304,633 people who live in Weld County. 12% of residents live below the poverty line, and in Greeley, that rate jumps to 21%.
  • 51% of the county’s children qualify for free or reduced lunches, and just 39% of fourth grade students are proficient readers.
  • The housing vacancy rate continues to hover around its all-time low, and the median rent continues to increase.
Martha called 2-1-1 needing assistance for clothing for herself and her children. A clothing voucher through Greeley Interfaith Association was processed. Martha was able to get clothing for her entire family. She explained how her young baby is growing out of clothing quickly, so she will need more in the future; with the eligibility for a clothing voucher once every 3 months, she can go back in October for more for him and the rest of her family.