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Babies don't come with an instruction manual...During the first three years 85% of a baby's intellect, personality, and social skills are developed.

Bright Beginnings

...has all the information to help parents be the best they can be!

The United Way of Weld County’s Bright Beginnings program provides parents information on local community resources, child development, health and safety, and quality child care for their children from birth through 36 months.  We can also help families apply for low cost health insurance.  The program is free to all families. The visits are done during a personal in-home visit or in a small group setting.

In 2009 nearly 1,500 Weld County families participated in Bright Beginnings. Nearly 95% of participants feel that Bright Beginnings increased their confidence as parents, made them more knowledgeable about community resources, helped them learn useful information about their children's development, and made them feel supported as parents. Over two-thirds of participants reported having changed their parenting as a result of the things they learned.

United Way of Weld County’s Bright Beginnings is part of a statewide network of Colorado Bright Beginnings (CBB) programs established in 1995. The mission of CBB is to provide a bright beginning for all Colorado children by helping families support their children's physical, emotional and intellectual development during the critical first three years of life.

The Value of Prevention
Please take a moment to view this powerful video about the value of prevention:
Change the First 5 Years and You Change Everything from Ounce of Prevention

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To schedule a Bright Beginnings visit in your home with a trained volunteer click here, to become a Bright Beginnings Volunteer, or to register for an upcoming class in the community, please contact Bright Beginnings at 970-353-4300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.