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Weld Project Connect

Weld Project Connect

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:  

Weld Project Connect  

October 14 2016

Noon to 4:30 p.m.




Online registration is now closed. If you would like to volunteer, plan to attend one of the trainings below:




Thursday, October 13, 5:30 - 6:30 pm, 4H Building at Island Grove

Friday, October 14, 10-11am, 4H Building at Island Grove


There are several tools you will use as a Weld Porject Connect navigator, click the links below if you wish to look over these documents prior to the event. (These will be provided at the event, you do not need to bring your own printed copies.)


2016 Guest Intake Form

2016 Services Binder


Read more:


Watch the video below to experience "A Day in the life" of a Weld Project Connect Navigator




Did you know that there are over 280 agencies providing 1,100+ health and human services right here in Weld County? Could you use quick access to some of the many services offered in our community?

13.8% of Weld County residents and 22.7% of Greeley residents were living below the poverty level in 2011. That same year, the Greeley Metropolitan Statistical Area unemployment rate was 9.4%—the highest in Northern Colorado, and higher than the state’s 8.4% overall. Almost one in three children in Weld County live in poverty—31.3%. With Greeley’s vacancy rate recently dropping to less than 2%, rental rates are increasing, leaving little to no housing for low income residents. Average rent in 2013 rose to $715, the highest in over eight years.

Weld Project Connect is an annual, one-day event providing numerous on-site services directly to individuals and households struggling and in need due to housing instability, job loss, age, health problems and other issues that can interrupt a life.

All services are FREE. Each guest is matched with a volunteer navigator who guides the guest through available services. Interpreters are available for non-English speakers. Examples of services include City of Greeley pet licensing, obtaining a High Plains Library District library card, registering for citizenship classes, health screenings, credit counseling, resume writing assistance, flu shots, legal counseling, veterans assistance, haircuts, and much more.

In 2015, 1200 guests attended WPC; in addition 65 service providers participated and over 500 volunteers gave their time at the event.

Three independent surveys are designed, one each for guests, volunteers, and service providers. Data from each survey is compiled and a final project report with survey results is produced. Success is measured by the responses received in each survey category.

Goal 1: 100% of guests responding to survey will report receiving a minimum of one service.
Goal 2: 85% of returned volunteer surveys will indicate the volunteer had a positive experience.
Goal 3: 75% of service providers surveyed will feel the project was a worthwhile investment of their time.

If you’re interested in learning more about receiving services or volunteering, visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at 970-353-4300.


Click here for more information