Community Impact

What is Community Impact?

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Improving the lives of all community members by mobilizing generous people to create lasting changes in how we live, work, rest, and play in Weld County. We are encouraging a Weld that works for everyone.


What are your areas of focus?

• Education – Weld County could be a place where every child receives high quality early care and education, enters Kindergarten ready to learn, reads proficiently by 3rd grade, graduates high school on time, and makes the transition to adulthood successfully.

• Income – Weld County could be a place where, first of all, every family has sufficient income to afford the basics of food, clothing, and shelter and, secondly, to pay for education, save for retirement, and enjoy a good quality of life.

• Health – Weld County could be a place where all children, youth, adults, and families have access to affordable health care and live in physical and emotional environments that are safe and health-promoting.

• Access to Services – Weld County could be a place where every household has the chance to find essential resources in times of need.

How do you do your work?

• Funds – financially supports the outcomes-based efforts of 50+ agency programs
• Provides – offers over 15 direct service programs in the areas of access to services, early childhood, and volunteer engagement
• Collaborates – leads and participates in bringing the community together for shared work
• Partners – hosts a number of direct service programs supported by multiple agencies

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What is Collective Impact?

An emerging field that creates opportunity for multiple organizations, agencies, and entities to work together towards community-wide, measurable goals in education, income, and health. Find out more by reading:

Collective Impact by John Kania & Mark Kramer

Making Collective Impact Work by Fay HanleyBrown, John Kania & Mark Kramer